“Drvo Života / Tree of Life”, tapestry / installation, local Serbian wool, cotton threads and wood, ~1,8x1m, 2017.

Installation view from the “Travelling Without Moving” exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia in September/October 2017.

Photos by Pavle Kaplanec and Nemanja Knežević

2017-Emilija Radojicic-DomOmladine-2048px-PK-13 2017-Emilija Radojicic-DomOmladine-2048px-NK-14 2017-Emilija Radojicic-DomOmladine-2048px-PK-15 2017-Emilija Radojicic-DomOmladine-2048px-NK-16 2017-Emilija Radojicic-DomOmladine-2048px-PK-17 Gallery art exhibition solo show installation view Emilija Radojicic EmaEmaEma