Here is a preview of the installation part from my solo show “Vis Major” that opened in March 2015. in U10 art space. This is where working with threads came as a result of experimenting with this medium for the first time. I was inspired to slowly start moving my drawing practice into the 3d space.

You can scroll down for the original exhibition text and the full installation view link.

EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_1 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_2 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_3 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_4 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_5 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_6 EmaEmaEma_VisMajor_Threads_7 EmaEmaEma_exhibitionview